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Neoflex - N°3848

Neoflex 3848


Automatized Machining & Cutting Centre for Aluminium Profiles

NEOFLEX N°3848 - Year of construction: 2016



Technical specifications

Profiles dimensions: 

  • Width from 20 to 150 mm
  • Height from 20 to 180 mm 
  • Length from 1000 mm to 7000 mm

Working direction: Right =>Left

General architecture

  • Automatic bar loader
  • Bar driver with 3 numerical axis 
  • Machining and cutting group with 6 numerical axis
  • Out feed system
  • Command desk
  • Protection cabin
  • Electrical cabinet



Delivery schedule: 3 month after order confirmation and reception of first down payment.

Detailed description

  • Automatic bar loading device, capacity 10 bars, for profile from 0 up to 150 mm wide, and 7000 mm length. Option included: Numerical alignment: allowing to place the bars during loading process on bar driver, with software defined dimension. Place the bars in a defined position (piece length), necessary for un-standard pieces.

  • High velocity numerical bar driver. Options included: pneumatic rotation of the pliers 0 - 180°; with software defined position, 2 positions horizontal and vertical. Length bar driver capacity: 7 000 mm. Profile clamping in horizontal position before entering into the cabin for processing. Machining and cutting group with 6 numerical axis « X, Y, Z”»  with  5 electro spindles, (machining, milling, drilling, power 3 kW, speed from 12 000 to 20 000 rpm.
    Cutting capacities at 45°/135° : Height : 180mm and width : 150mm.
    Cutting unit, power 2,2 kW, speed 3 000 rpm, controlled with an electronically frequency converter carried by a carrier moved by pinion on rectified rack, powered by brushless motor controlled in closed loop by the NC.
    Cutting progress is carried out by the carrier “Y” axis ball screw. Progress can be programmed. Saw blade Ø 650 mm.
    Tilting of the unit from 45° to 135°, with numerical control powered with brushless motor and coupled with a reducer of big angular precision.
    Work top: tables and references with roller conveyors. 

  • Out feeding system: a longitudinal motorized conveyor for products up to 3 500 mm. Option included chips and wastes collecting motorized conveyor, total length 2600mm. The conveyor moves the wastes out of protection area

  • One command desk delivered with 1 PW with Windows and flat screen 15”.

  • One protection soundproof cabin

  • One electrical cabinet


Standard machining programs BDM France.

CAM DUBISOFT software Installed on the desk computer using a data exchange line with the CNC, this software is specially developed to simplify the exploitation of the machine.

Interface for CAPM software following Dubus format file. 

In Pictures...

Neoflex 3848Neoflex 3848

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