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ALUFLEX 8001 N°3846-2311

Centre de débit et usinage ALUFLEX 8001 - N°3846-2311


Machining and cutting centre for Aluminium profiles ALUFLEX 8001 » N°3846-2311.

Year of construction: 2001




  • Entirely automated centre for continuous flow machining and cutting of Aluminium profiles intended for joinery manufacture
  • Production of identified ready to assemble machined parts from raw bars

Technical specifications

Operations to be proceed: A) Cuts: 45° / 135° and 90°

B) Drilling and milling

Minimal piece: 300 mm overall

Working direction of the line: From left to right


  • One automatic bar loading device
  • One numerical bar feeder 7000 mm 
  • One machining group, 3 axis with 5 electro-spindles.
  • One cutting group, 3 blades for cuts 45° / 90° et135°
  • One out-feeding system 
  • One electrical cabinet with PLC NUM 1060.
  • One command desk.

Detailed description

Automatic bar loading device

Capacity 20 bar, length 7000 mm. Pitch 150 mm for profiles up to 100 mm width.


  • Minimal length of the bar: 1 000 mm
  • Maximal length of the bar: 7 000 mm
  • Maximal width of the profiles: 120 mm


Numerical bar feeder


Capacity (length: 7 000 mm, speed 120 m/min).

The profile is gripped in a clamp by its end, 2 numerical axis for positioning in height and width.

Clamp with manual orientation.

Machining group with 3 numerical axis “X, Y, Z”


Capacities: X = 220 mm, Y = 200 mm, Z = 180 mm.

Mechanically welded Steel frame, equipped with 5 electro-spindles.

Clamping of the profiles by blocking devices on roller bench.


5 electro-spindles 2 kW : 2 horizontal front spindles, 1 vertical top spindle, 2 horizontal rear spindles, speed from 12 000 to 20 000 rpm. 

Additional spindle available on quotation.


Cutting group :


Ø      One saw blade Æ 500 mm for straight cuts (90°) with vacuum nozzle of Æ 140 mm.


Ø      One cutting group with 2 saw blades of Æ 500 mm, vertically placed at 45° and 135°

          over the profile and falling down at the same time with 2 vacuum nozzles of Æ 140 mm.


Ø      Chips removal:

          Little chips by an automatic out-feed system.

          Average chips till 999 mm will be ejected into a box at the exit of the cabin.

          The big reusable chips will be evacuated on the right on the accumulation table

          as good pieces.


Ø      Cutting oil spraying on all saw blades.

Out-feeding station by motorized conveyor

Capacity 5 000 mm, evacuation on the left, on the motorized accumulation table , width 2000 mm, approximately 20 pieces.

Equipped with a cell of detection " table of storage Full"

Electrical cabinet apart from the machine.



Command desk apart from the machine.

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ALUFLEX 8001 - N°3846-2311

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