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Automatized Machining & Cutting Centre for Aluminium or PVC Profiles.


 Aluminium        PVC


NEOFLEX is an automatized Machining & Cutting Centre for Aluminium or PVC profiles intended for joinery and for Industry

Technical specifications

Profiles dimensions:

  • Width from 20 to 200 mm
  • Height from 20 to 180 mm
  • Length from 600 mm to 7000 mm

Production capacity for joinery: 330 parts by team of 8 hours; depending on customer’s process required and types of profile machined.

Main characteristics / Key points of the machine

The machining and cutting centre NEOFLEX is an evolutionary, modular and ergonomic machine with always more flexibility in the changes of ranges of profiles, precision of work, productivity and easy control.

The heart of the product is based on a principle of carriages.

The work is realized from raw bars, production of manufactured parts, identified and ready of assembling. No rework of part.

This machine is perfectly adapted to the specific needs for every customer (profiles, machining, production speeds).

The series NEOFLEX comes in several combinable versions

According to the dimensions of your profiles, the applications and the desired speeds production, we will advise you on the center perfectly adapted to your specific needs:

Basic general architecture

  • 1 Bar driver
  • 1 Machining and cutting group (6 numerical axis “X, Y, Z”)
  • 1 Out feed system
  • 1 Command desk
  • 1 Protection cabin

Principle of the NEOFLEX

Bar driver:

  • High velocity numerical bar driver.
  • The bar is clutched at its back end, for a maximal flexibility whatever the profile shape.
  • A longitudinal beam fixed on 3 cross feet, mechanically welded, on which run the carrier, with guidance by 4 balls row skates on prismatic monorail systems.
  • The carrier, moved by pinion on rectified rack, powered by brushless motor controlled in closed loop by the NC.
  • The bar driver carriage is moved, axis « U » by a back-geared motor driving pinion on rectified rack obliquely toothed.
  • A bar driver arm, bearing the bar clutching pliers with numerical positioning height and width way.
  • The clamp inserts the profile into the machining and the cutting groups.
  • The profiles are moved on a nylon roller table.
  • Length bar driver capacity « axis  U » : 7 000 mm.
  • Profile clamping in horizontal position before entering into the cabin for processing.
  • Counter forms can be realized, in order to ensure a good positioning of profiles with a non-standard shape and to make evolve the equipment configuration by processing new profiles.

Machining and cutting group with 6numerical axis « X, Y, Z” »:

  • 8 electro spindles, (machining, milling, drilling, tapping, or grinding; Power 3 kW), (8 electro spindles maximum).
  • Machining capacities: Height : 180 mm and Width : 200mm.
  • Cutting capacities at 90° and 45 : Height : 180mm and width : 200mm.
  • Cutting unit, power 2,2 kW, speed 3 000 rpm, controlled with an electronically frequency converter carried by a carrier moved by pinion on rectified rack, powered by brushless motor controlled in closed loop by the NC.
  • Cutting progress is carried out by the carrier “Y” axis ball screw. Progress can be programmed. Cutting movement : move forward to the reference while pushing the product and ensuring an optimum grip during the cutting..
  • Saw blade 650 mm Ø.
  • Tilting of the unit from 45° to 135°, with numerical control powered with brushless motor and coupled with a reducer of big angular precision.

Work top : tables and references with roller conveyors.

A longitudinal motorized conveyor for products up to 3 500 mm.

Centre delivered with its command desk, NC and electrical cabinet.

Standard machining programs BDM France.
CAM DUBISOFT software Installed on the desk computer using a data exchange line with the CNC, this software is specially developed to simplify the exploitation of the machine.
Interface for CAPM software following Dubus format file.

Wide choice of options:

  • Working direction :left->right
  • Automatic bar loading device, capacity 10 bars, for profile from 0 up to 200 mm wide, and 7000 mm length
  • Numerical alignment : allowing to place the bars during loading process on bar driver, with software defined dimension. Place the bars in a defined position (piece length), necessary for un-standard pieces
  • Pneumatic rotation of the pliers 0 - 180°; with software defined position, 2 positions horizontal and vertical
  • Numerical rotation of the pliers 0 - 180°; with software defined position. The rotation ensures the clamping of sloping walls
  • Profiles synchronized pneumatic raising system. Provides bar blocking at 2 useable height. Can also provide the possibility to raise the products
  • Synchronized pneumatic leveling system of profiles - 6 positions. This system ensures the bars positioning in 6 height positions, allow the leveling of profiles if necessary
  • Profile measuring gauge, 1 direction for profile defect correction
  • Manual orientation of machining unit, 2 positions 0° and 45 ° horizontal. For machining unit orientation (draining operation for example)
  • Pneumatic orientation of machining unit, 2 positions 0° and 45° horizontal. For machining unit orientation (draining operation for example)
  • 4,5 kW unit in place of 3 kW spindle (1 per face max) for products > 2 mm wide and/or fluo-drill. This option is used for thick-walled profiles. It can be used for fluo-drill operation
  • 5,5 kW electro-spindle with 2 exits with one angular head box for machining in ends. For machining in ends with tools diameter 12
  • Pneumatic threading unit (1 per face max)
  • Unit for threading in the end:  2 threads in opposite position; study required (depending on spindle position). Allows to perform threading operations at the ends of the pieces cut at 90°
  • Vertical over-head cutting group with swivelling numerically controlled 45° - 135. In case of accessories profiles, it is used to pass the products in their natural positions
  • Chips and wastes collecting motorized conveyor, total length 2,600mm. The conveyor moves the wastes out of protection area
  • Chips and wastes collecting motorized conveyor, depending on tub height. The conveyor moves the wastes into a tub height 1200 or 2000 mm
  • Out feeding roller conveyor in place of belt, width capacity 200 mm, with automatic cross transfer of pieces 4000 mm length, down loading on accumulation conveyor 2000 mm width. The out feed roller conveyor ensures a quality product without stripe. It is used preferably in the aluminium version
  • Table for out feeding of very short pieces put out to end, (table placed out of the machine). A numerical axis placed on the motorized belt allows the profile "reshaping" out of the machine, for an ejection on a table dimension 500 mm
  • Label printer with manual sticking for real-time printing. Labels allow the traceability of finished work pieces
  • Label printer with automatic sticking allowing the automatic positioning on pieces : study required. The labels are printed correspondingly to the output of the piece
  • Ink-jet printer: Study required
  • Optimizing software. This software is completing the bars and program from the batch file pieces list
  • 6 positions Counter forms. Reduces counter form loading time by a 6 height position programming
  • 6 position regulations of the vices distance (required with machining in ends, notching, flexible products…)
  • Allows to reduce in automatic the centre distance of the tables 'opening for a better precision during the operations of machining
  • Air-conditioning of electrical cabinet (on door)
  • UPS supply and wiring (for PC + printer + CNC)
  • Isolation transformer for IT neutral connection
  • Cutting oil spraying (Rurak brand), 1 nozzle per spindle & 1 for the saw.


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