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Centre de débit-usinage ULTIMA


Cutting and machining center for Aluminium or Steel profiles


 Aluminium    Steel


  • Economical solution, ideal for small and medium-sized metalworking companies processing limited series but wish an automatized production
  • Fully automatic machining and cutting of Aluminium and steel profiles for construction elements, curtain walls, kitchens, furniture, industrial manufacturing

Technical specifications

Maximum dimensions of Aluminium profiles :

  • Width 200 x Height 250 x Length 7.500 mm



Maximum dimensions of Steel profiles:

  • Width 100 x Height 150 x Length 7.500 mm

Main characteristics / Assets of the machine

  • Comprehensive machining of the 4 faces of profile bars
  • Network-capable 4-axis CNC machining center with IPC control
  • Made of one mobile machining unit + one static cutting cabin
  • Increases productivity by cutting time and staff requirements, i.e. cutting operation time by 70 % and cutting personal up to 50% while saving about 50% of the amount required for a conventional machining line
  • CNC-controlled, automatic bar positioning
  • Automatic tool magazine for up to 12 tools, four of which can be angle heads
  • Saw unit with infinitely variable servo-driven swiveling (-45° - 90° - +45°) with automatic lateral and vertical clamping
  • Saw blade Ø 750 mm for Aluminium / Ø 500 mm for Steel
  • Maximum cutter dimensions: Ø 20 x 160 mm
  • Maximum side milling cutter dimensions: Ø 120 x 5,7 mm
  • Axis speed Y and Z: 30 m/min, axis speed X: 60 m/min
  • Flexibility by using three different operation modes: 1) combined cutting and machining center, 2) machining center for Aluminium and steel or 3) sole cutting center
  • A nipples fixation station for placing glazing beads nipples in steel profiles is available as an option
  • The operator enters commands via the user-friendly, system-independent and powerful Uni_Link „OnBoard“ software. It’s compatible with the majority of profile systems, CAD solutions, and other machines involved in the manufacturing process

Use / Examples


In Pictures...

Swiveling saw blade with outfeed conveyorHSD SpindleWorking principle of the ULTIMA cutting and machining center

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