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SZ-200 S Cutting Centre


To-length cutting center




  • To-length cutting of aluminium profiles with automatic profile infeed and outfeed, for the fabrication of construction elements, curtain walls, kitchens, furniture, industrial manufacturing

Technical specifications

  • Number of servo axes: 9
  • Saw blade Ø: 750 mm
  • Cutting angle: 90°
  • Min. cutting length: 200 mm
  • Positioning speed: 170 m/min
  • Max. profile width: 200 mm
  • Max. profile height: 150 mm
  • Max. profile length: 7000 mm

Main characteristics / Assets of the machine

  • High volume cutting-to-length of aluminium profiles
  • Profiles are positioned in pairs by a servo gripper
  • Simultaneous cutting of two profiles by a saw with servo-driven feed
  • Optional blow-off channel that uses compressed air to remove all swarf from the profiles
  • Cycle time: 6 seconds for 2 bars

Use / Examples

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Blow-off channel (optional)Sawing stationOperating panel

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