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SZ-AF Cutting Centre


Fully automatic cutting centre for aluminium profiles


 Aluminium    PVC


  • Fully automatic cutting of aluminium profiles for the fabrication of products such as windows, doors, partition wall panels, frames for kitchen drawer fronts (with wood veneer)

Technical specifications

  • Number of servo axes: 2 up to 4
  • Saw blade-Ø: 550 mm / 750 mm
  • Infinitely variable servo-driven swivelling saw blade, in the range of 30° - 90° - 150°
  • Minimum cutting length: 200 mm
  • Positioning speed: 120 m/min
  • Maximum profile width: 155 mm / 250 mm
  • Maximum profile height: 300 mm
  • Maximum profile length: 7500 mm

Main characteristics / Assets of the machine

  • High volume to-length-cutting
  • Modular design enables customizable machine structure and extensibility
  • Ease of operation and robust construction guarantee high operational safety and availability for an efficient production

Use / Examples

In Pictures...

Functional principle of the SZ-AF Cutting CentreSwivelling saw of the SZ-AF Cutting CentreInfeed conveyor of the SZ-AF Cutting Centre

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