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CONVEYOR with storage in storage trucks


Automatic unloading conveyor for machining centres.


  • Automatic unloading and storage in storage trucks of machined profiles coming out of a centre
  • Reliable computerised addressing of different profiles

Technical specifications

  • Max handleable part dimensions: 300 x 250 x 3,500 mm
  • Max handleable weight: 30 kg
  • Conveyor dimensions: 320 x 4,000 mm
  • Dimensions of complete assembly on ground: 7,000 x 8,500 mm
  • Weight of complete assembly (excluding trucks): 900 kg

Main characteristics / Strong points of the machine

  • Concurrent unloading of profiles leaving machining
  • Automatic storage of profiles on 4 trucks, with indication of the position of each part via the batch file
  • B&R PLC control independent of the machining centre
  • Adapts to new or existing machines (independent transfer conveyor)
  • Limits handling of profiles by the operator
  • Risk of error removed by computerised parts addressing
  • Protection of the zone by grills and light barriers
  • Provision of 4 1,250 mm wheelbase trucks as option
  • System designed to work with 4 trucks (as option)
  • Extension of conveyor functions to be able to work with more than 4 storage trucks possible on request
  • Specific dimensions (parts or truck wheelbase) as option

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Block diagram CONVEYOR + 4 optional trucksdetail conveyor for profiles leaving machiningMachining centre output table, CONVEYOR and placing in trucks

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