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POSIFLEX 1000 numerically controlled hinge setter


Numerically controlled machine for hinge fitting to Aluminium, Wood or PVC windows


 Aluminium    PVC    Wood


  • Automatic hinge fitting machine for Aluminium, Wood or PVC opening windows
  • Drilling and hinge screwing onto parts or frames

Technical specifications

  • Min / max frame height: 380 to 2,500 mm
  • Min / max frame width: 300 to 1,450 mm
  • Working surface height: ± 950 mm 

Main characteristics / Strong points of the machine

  • Complete station including automatic loading by motor driven roller conveyor with bar code reader, hinge setter conveyor and single head hinge fixing machine
  • Drilling / hinge setting unit angular adjustment ± 8°
  • Automatic angular positioning via 2 actuators as option
  • Machine capable of managing several hinge fixing heights
  • Electric drilling unit with pneumatic feed and drilling depth adjustment
  • Ability to add a second drilling unit as option, for TT or double jamb hinge drilling
  • Control console with colour PC touch screen, for operator and CAMM interface
  • Delivered with 2 loaders for 60 hinges + 2 spare loaders.
  • As option, ability to equip the machine with up to 5 loaders, to vary the hinge models and colours
  • Hinge angle at 0°. 2nd or 3rd hinge angle as option.
  • Hinge setter also available in basic version with manual loading – please contact us.

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Detail of hinge setting moduleDetail of drilling unit and fitting a hingeDetail of hinge loaders

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