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Robotic glazing fixing station GLASSFIXER


Robot station for glazing adhesive application and fitting


 Aluminium    PVC    Wood


  • Automatic glazing adhesive application and fitting in Aluminium, PVC or Mixed Aluminium / PVC / Wood window frames

Technical specifications

  • Tailor made joinery finishing line, adapted to the specific needs of each customer
  • Max examples already constructed: 2,935 x 1,300 mm or 2,500 x 1,500 mm
  • Min examples already constructed: 350 x 350 mm or 270 x 500 mm
  • Max glazing weight: 150 kg (variable depending on choice of robot)

Main characteristics / Strong points of the machine

  • Complete station including 4 basic modules:
    1. Frame geometric conformation conveyor
    2. Glazing referencing and glazing feed conveyor, with removal of non-conforming frames
    3. Glue or double sided adhesive deposition station
    4. 6 axis glazing manipulation robot with suction cup gripper
  • Numerous variants and optional modules depending on the desired configuration: motorised input and/or output conveyors, automatic glazing truck conveying, frame and glass plasma cleaning before adhesive application – Please contact us
  • Allows adhesive application and fixing of 24, 28 or 32 mm glazing
  • Two versions to choose from: adhesive application nozzle or double sided adhesive
  • Indicative cycle time: 1 opening window every 120 seconds, variable depending on the solution selected by the customer
  • High rates, perfect fixing quality, no risk of error 

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Use / Examples

In Pictures...

The robot places the glazing in front of the adhesive application stationDetail of GLASSFIXER adhesive application nozzleDiagram of a typical installation

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