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FLEXAL series 5 axis machining centre for Aluminium


5 axis machining centre for Aluminium profiles




  • Automatic 5 axis machining and cutting centre for Aluminium profiles
  • Work on large cross section profiles or very complex parts
  • Cutting, drilling, milling and tapping operations
  • Angle cutting in 2 planes

Technical specifications

Allowable part dimensions:

  • Maximum width: 400 mm
  • Maximum height: 300 mm
  • Maximum length: 8,500 mm (greater, on request)

Main characteristics / Strong points of the machine

  • 5 axis numerical control centre
  • Comprising a very robust frame whose rigidity allows the handling of very heavy parts (5 to 7.5 kg / ml)
  • Automatic reinforced loader for 10 flat bars, width 300 mm, standard length 7,000 mm (greater, on request)
  • Numerical bar feeder with 7,000 mm capacity, end clamp, speed 120 m/min
  • 3 direction machining group: vertical top, horizontal front and rear, with the option of working underneath using an optional angle transmission
  • Very powerful 10 kW spindle with mounted12 tool loader for increased flexibility and productivity
  • Allows cutting, drilling, milling, and tapping operations including on large section profiles or complex shapes
  • Delivered with 7,000 mm output transfer, side ejection and accumulation table, control console and electrical cabinet
  • A centre particularly well suited to industrial production of vehicle, aircraft and rail subcontract production
  • Combines high accuracy, flexibility and speed of execution
  • Connects to your CAMM via user friendly software, for the recovery of your files and machining program management

Use / Examples


In Pictures...

Machining electro-spindleSpindle equipped with a saw blade12 adaptable tool loader on the spindle

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