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ATEKA series combined cutting and machining centre


Machining and cutting centres for Aluminium or PVC profiles


 Aluminium        PVC


  • Entirely automated centres for continuous flow machining and cutting of Aluminium or PVC profiles intended for joinery manufacture
  • Production of identified ready to assemble machined parts from raw bars
  • Modular construction, machine perfectly adapted to the specific needs of each customer (profiles, machining operations, rates)

Technical specifications

Capacities – depending on model:

  • Width from 100 to 300 mm
  • Height from 180 to 280 mm
  • Length from 1,000 to 7,000 mm

Main characteristics / Strong points of the machine

The ATEKA machining-cutting centres are a development of the ALUFLEX and PVCFLEX series, with yet more flexibility in changing profile series, working accuracy, productivity and ease of control.


The ATEKA series is available in several combinable versions:

Depending on the dimensions of your profiles and the desired production rates we will recommend you a centre that is perfectly adapted to your specific needs, from:

  • 3 versions for Aluminium, PVC or Mixed use
  • 3 loader models and several bar feeder variants
  • 4 different machining group (sizes 4, 5, 6 or 7)
  • 7 saw configurations (single blade, three blade, horizontal, vertical)
  • 1 or 2 machining or cutting cabins for concurrent working
  • Different removal types


Principle of the ATEKA series:

  • Manual loading of bars by the operator on a flat bar loader with 10 or 15 bar capacity, length 6,000 / 6,500 / 7,000 mm, and pitch of 150 / 300 / 375 mm
  • High velocity 220 m/min speed bar feeder, with the profile gripped in a clamp by its end, for maximum flexibility whatever the geometry of the profile
  • Optional chocking system for unstable profiles, allowing avoidance of fixed counter-forms, increased productivity, prevention of risks of tipping and elimination of scratches
  • Working table: chrome-plated or fixed or mobile roller table
  • Machining group: Mechanically welded Steel frame, single plate / double plate / or independent double half crowns, equipped with 8 à 16 electro-spindles for machining, milling, drilling, tapping, notching, power 1 to 10 kW depending on application, knife based locking plate marking units
  • Cutting group, horizontal or vertical configuration, 1 to 3 blades, Ø 550 to 860 mm, fixed or adjustable
  • Part marking and identification for better production and finished part traceability by peel off label printer to be automatically placed by ink jet or laser engraving
  • Parts removal by motorised belt conveyor, motorised clutch release roller bench, extraction clamp, and ejection of non-reusable offcuts into boxes
  • Storage of finished parts or reusable offcuts on accumulation table or unloading robot for placing in trucks
  • Delivered with control console, PLC and electrical cabinet
  • Intuitive, user friendly "Dubisoft" control software, which connects to your CAMM to recover your batch and machining program files
  • Option to combine several cabins (different machining and/or cutting groups), with storage or intermediate transfer, for concurrent working and optimising production rates
  • Large choice of options: lifting unstable profiles, in clamp bar detection, recoverable offcut optimisation, appearance fault management, 5 axis saw, special shutter version...
  • Indicative rates: from 40 to 200 French window frames (= 1 fixed frame + 2 opening leaves = 1.7 opening per fixed) per team
  • High accuracy work: +/- 0.2 mm per linear metre


Numerous complementary equipment items:

  • Counter-profiling, end machining, recess modules
  • Automatic placing and screwing of fittings and accessories, PVC profile reinforcement screwing
  • Installation in line or with transfer tables, intermediate work station, second remote console
  • Specific software
  • Waste management by conveyor, offcut or chip bin, extraction unit, selective sorting
  • Unloading robot
  • Spraying air conditioning
  • Integration into complete lines with computer integrated material handling,
  • Computer link with storage and retrieval machine
  • And many others. Do not hesitate to consult us!



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Example of 3 blade saw in vertical configurationMachining an Aluminium profileDiagram of a 14 spindle machining group

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