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STEELCUT steel reinforcement cutting centre


Cutting robot with automatic loading for ALUMINUM PVC or STEEL profiles


 Steel    PVC


  • Cutting Steel reinforcing profiles for PVC joinery

Technical data

  • Maximum length of profiles 7 000 mm, maximum width 220 mm and maximum height 120 mm

  • Working direction : from right to left

Main characteristics / Strong points of the machine

Fully automated, the DUBUSCUT robot is dedicated for the cutting of Aluminum, PVC or Steel profiles for the manufacture of joinery accessories or any other activity sector using profiles - automotive, aeronautical, railway or industrial production workshops.


Combining speed and precision, it allows, from raw bars loaded automatically or manually, to produce pieces cut to length, identified and ready to assemble.


Cutting capacity at 90°: (W x H): 220 x 40 mm

                                                  180 x 80 mm

                                                  100 x 120 mm


  • Automatic loading device, capacity 10 bars
  • 7 meters digital bar driver with profile gripping
  • Cutting station with saw blade Ø 400 mm with numerical orientation for cuts from 45° to 135°
  • Fixed drilling spindles on top and bottom (optional)
  • Unloading of parts on motorized evacuation conveyor
  • Electrical cabinet
  • Control panel with 15ˮ touch screen




  • Drilling spindle on 1 side
  • Drilling spindle on 2 sides
  • Manuel label printer            
  • Cuts optimization software

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Use / Examples


In Pictures...

STEELCUT centre loader and bar feederDetail of sawing stationOutput belt with front removal of cut parts

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