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Bjm Dubus Machines At the heart of environment

BJM DUBUS MACHINES is the holding company gathering BJM in Germany and DUBUS Group in France, leading designers and manufacturers of automatized cutting and machining centers.

Within the BDM group, we are committed to respect our planet Earth and its inhabitants:

  • We are working toward a program to recycle our manufacturing wastes
  • To compensate for carbon footprint of our equipment, we will finance and plant a tree for each machine that we sell


This is our commitment 1 MACHINE = 1 TREE

Why not joining our action by making in return a positive gesture for our environment:

  • Did you recently buy an automatic cutting and/or machining center from BJM or DUBUS Group?
    We shall finance a tree
    Go ahead and finance a second one!
  • Both trees will be planted at your discretion in your premises, at our place or on the French Vaucouleurs Golf Club, with whom we have closed a partnership to support their long-term plantation and tree renewal program.
  • We will display your name in the « Sustainable Development » chapter on our web site and invite you to do the same in return on your own site.
  • With our collective commitment, we will contribute to make our planet Earth greener and safer!

Thanks to your contribution 1 MACHINE = 2 TREES

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