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New organization and change of governance for BDM

01.06.2017 08:51

BDM is pleased to announce a change of organization to better address our customer needs and enable further profitable growth. BDM Germany will become a subsidiary of BDM France and this will ease build a very effective operational organization for the whole group.

As a matter of fact, and effective immediately the governance of the group is changed today. Indeed, after joining in December 2015, Dr. Stephan Martini will enable the transition of the new leadership team, appointing Pierre Pistoulet as the new CEO and Jean-Noël Lemasson as the new CFO. Mr. Martini enabled to move lines and deploy a new ambitious strategy in a transition phase. This enabled both France and Germany to work on common company targets including joined efforts on R&D and common quality rules.

Our new CEO Mr Pistoulet joined the company in August 2016 as Group Sales & Marketing Director. With his high level of energy, he was able to renew the sales team which allowed increasing order intake very significantly in France, Germany and whole Europe. “I would like to thank Dr. Stephan Martini for the changes he has initiated. This was the beginning of an ambitious journey for BDM. I am very honoured to be appointed as group CEO and will make all what is possible with our wonderful team to build the future of BDM, a 110 years old well recognized industrial leader in the CNC machines market for profiles milling and cutting. In order to quickly reach our profitability and growth targets we have decided that an Executive Committee will drive the company. I will lead this group of 3 people – CEO, CFO and COO – so that we can quickly and effectively address our priorities with one goal in mind: sustainable profitable growth leveraging highly motivated people strength”, said Mr Pistoulet.

Our new group CFO Mr Lemasson joined the company in 2015 as Finance Director for France. He was then appointed as BDM France Managing Director in early 2016. Thanks to his actions we are very close to reach financial stability in France which is the ground for future profitable growth. In his new role we count on Mr Lemasson to enable bright financial situation for the overall group in a further growth context.

“In order to achieve best in class execution, our new COO will be named in the coming months. We are confident that this leadership team will enable the full company to execute the best way with no delay for the best interest of our customers.” said Mr Pistoulet, BDM group CEO.